About Maryam Ghasemi

R.Ac, PhD

Maryam has been passionate about health and wellness since she was very young. As she was going through school, she always knew that her path would lead her to medicine. Maryam received Bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiation Technology in Iran and subsequently completed her Ph.D. and Master’s in Anatomy Sciences. She was greatly inspired by her parents who were deeply involved in community service, saving lives, and helping people in need; she wanted to have a career with a deeper and positive impact on others. This committed path led her to the discovery of Traditional Chinese Medicine and specifically the world of acupuncture!

Maryam became a Registered Acupuncturist after she received training at the Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, where she now teaches Anatomy. As a practitioner, Maryam works with a variety of patients, especially those looking to combat pain conditions; she is also experienced with treating stress and stress-related symptoms.

Combining Maryam’s background in Western medicine and her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, her strengths come to light as she easily relates to patients and assists them to bridge the gap between both models of healing. As a practitioner, Maryam is compassionate, comforting, and friendly. Maryam is passionate about helping her patients heal and make lifelong changes to enhance their health.

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