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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a safe and natural treatment that is an effective therapy for a wide variety of health conditions. One of the key principles of acupuncture is the concept of qi (pronounced “chee”) which is believed to be the vital life force that flows through the body. When qi becomes blocked or imbalanced it can lead to illness and other health problems. Acupuncture involves the insertion of sterile hair-thin needles into various points in your body to balance our vital force. 

Healing with acupuncture involves taking into consideration your whole body and understanding the underlying cause of your symptoms. Where a Western physician typically treats symptoms, an acupuncturist must first understand why your symptoms are happening before they can begin to treat you. To determine the source of your problem, your practitioner begins with a thorough evaluation of all your body’s systems. They may also look at your tongue and feel your pulse to better understand your overall health.

After careful consideration, your acupuncturist will arrive at a diagnosis, which is described in terms of a pattern of imbalance. Acupuncture needles are used to correct imbalance and restore health.

Treatment Process

During your first acupuncture appointment our acupuncturists will work with you to fully understand the nature of your health concerns. They will take your full health history and a history of your current symptoms. Your practitioner will then arrive at a diagnosis and choose an acupuncture point prescription specific to your unique needs. You will lay comfortably on a treatment table while your acupuncturist inserts the needles. It’s ideal for you to wear comfortable and loose clothing during your treatment. This enables your acupuncturist to easily access the commonly treated areas of your body while remaining as fully-clothed as your treatment permits.

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Applicable Conditions & Symptoms

As primary health care providers our Acupuncturists treat chronic and acute illnesses including:

Hormonal imbalances, including thyroid issues
Menopause Symptoms
Pregnancy-associated complications
Digestive Problems
Stroke Recovery
Skin Conditions
Reproductive Health Conditions
Chronic Pain
Musculoskeletal disorders

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We direct bill to most insurance providers.

We accept ICBC claims

As of April 1, 2019, ICBC has updated their pre-approved treatments to include Acupuncture for care and treatment after an accident. 

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